Fall is here - here's some tips for your Orange County Home Energy Savings.

orange_county_savings_tips_for_homeSo it's finally cooling off - but many of us have been running the air conditioning in our homes in Orange County. We wanted to share some tips to save some money after getting that shocking and particularly expensive September utility bill. And given that you might be running your heating system later in the season (another shocking bill), might as well get on the job now!

Here's what you can do!

Number one: check the condition of your roof. A radiant barrier reduces heat transfer between your roof and the attic floor where insulation is typically installed. Some barriers can reflect almost all of the radiant heat energy from the sun, back through the roof, making the attic cooler, and therefore, a cooler home.

Number two: look for leaks. There's many ways to check for window and door leaks. Here's a tip how: hold a lighted candle near a crack and gauging how much the flame moves to sliding a piece of paper through the opening and checking out if it catches on fire. If you find a leak, add weather stripping to the doors and caulk to the windows.

Number three: check your heating system, including filters, pilot lights and burners. Cleaning and servicing now can save you money later on, specially if you have it serviced by a qualified professional. The same goes for your AC unit.

Number four: swap bulbs.  Why not spend the extra bucks to swap the bulbs around the house into energy saving ones? They use about 75% less energy than traditional bulbs, and last about six times longer.

We hope these little tips work. And if you are looking for homes in the South Orange County area, make sure to give us a ring! We are happy and ready to help!.

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