The missing link between the Super Bowl and the Orange County Real Estate Market

Going back, back in my early days in real estate about a two decades, I clearly remember a September Sunday afternoon as I was speaking with a wise old-timer. It was a beautiful afternoon in South OC and yet very few people were walking into an open house in a great home in Dana Point that I was holding. A ran into the old-timer and he let me in on an old secret: "Football has started.  You won't see anybody out for months now."  Of course, I scoffed at the notion that the NFL could possibly keep people from buying a house - "this old- timer is nuts!"
And yet, here we are, on the verge of the Super Bowl, and I can't wait for this thing to be over!  Yes, I'm an avid football fan and I enjoy the season as much as anyone, but the end of the football season marks the beginning of a new season..."the home buying season".  It turns out that the old-timer was right!  During football season, the home buying activity slows to a crawl and then, ta-da! as football ends, the real estate activity spikes.  There are all kinds of numbers and charts that I could bore you with, but never-the-less, looking back as far as 2002, long before this last downturn in the market and all the way through it, the numbers hold true.  Now, the numbers have shifted from spiking in February, you know, back in the day when the Super Bowl was in January, to spiking in March, but it's still a spike and I'm ready for it! 
So let's enjoy that 5 pound tub of guacamole as we kick off my favorite time of the year....home buying season!
PS - what does this mean if you're a home buyer?  It means that there are other people out there just like you.  They're looking at the same homes you're looking at and they're poised to buy a home today.  If you see the home you like, then buy it.  If you don't buy it, somebody else will.
PPS - what does this mean if you're a home seller? Get that home spiffed up and get it on the market.  If you want to expose it to the maximum number of buyers, your window is opening right now.  Especially if you're going to do the old, "test the market at a high price and then drop the price if it doesn't sell in 30 days" routine, then you'll want to have time to adjust your price down while the activity is still going.  See, after about May, the buyers are all thinking about other things - summer vacation, blah blah, so all those sellers on the market are fighting over fewer buyers as the window closes...You'd rather be in the market when there are more buyers, right?
PPPS - do you really think the market pattern is a result of the NFL season or just a coincidence?  I guess it doesn't matter what the cause is, as long as you recognize the pattern, right?
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