Ladera Ranch Short Sales: Homes for Sale 

ladera_ranch_short_sales_homesA short sale is basically a home that sells for less than the balance owing on its mortgage. These underwater homes and condos in Ladera Ranch have a mortgage balance that is greater than the market value of the home, so when the property gets listed for sale, it is considered a short sale.

Short sales are rare now in Ladera Ranch as many homes that were built during the boom and financed with adjustable mortgages or the, back then popular, 'zero down' have recovered their equity and are no longer "upside down".  

A short sale can be a great opportunity for those looking to get a good deal on a home in Ladera Ranch. Here's a list of all the currently available Ladera Ranch Short Sale Homes for Sale, listed in the MLS. For any questions regarding any of these homes, please contact us at (949) 888-6788 or via email. We are happy to help. If you are looking to sell your Ladera Ranch home as a short sale, we can also help, follow the link for more details.

Ladera Ranch Short Sales

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Sell your Ladera Ranch home as a short sale

Thinking of selling the home that you currently own in Ladera Ranch, where you owe more than the current market value is at, and wondering what's the best route? Our agents have successfully closed many short sales in the area and are experts in the field.  

The common questions are, do I qualify for a short sale? How long can I stay in my home? If you are currently experiencing financial hardship - which is a life changing situation where the home owner can no longer afford the monthly payments of the home (examples include divorce, death of spouse, unemployment or reduced income, medical bills, or unforeseen increases in the cost of living), you may qualify for a short sale.

Our agents not only will take care of the listing side and negotiation process, but also have associations with attorneys that will help you through the short sale process, all at no cost to you. We can help you find a replacement home too, at no cost to you either. The best part of it, we will help you stay in your home longer, and can be very discreet with listing your home.

Are you ready to take the first step in the short sale process? Give us a call at (949) 888-6788, or contact us via email or fill out our contact form below and we will review your situation and what your options can be, at no cost to you.

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