orange_county_beat_the_heatFall is definitely here. School is back and in Orange County, with the beginning of the Fall, comes another factor: those heat waves that come and go at the begginning of the season. Here's some tips for your home to help you stay cool despite the heat!

1. Close your blinds. People don't think of this easy solution often, but shutting your blinds and curtains during the day will help block the sun's heat and will keep that heating effect inside the home from happening. As soon as the sun hits your home in the morning, do a round and close all windows and keep exterior doors and windows closed throughout the hottest part of the day. 

2.Open the windows at night. Open selective windows so that cooler night air is blowing in throughout the evening. Leaving all interior doors open (including closets and kitchen cabinets) helps, too. If you leave them closed, they store the daytime heat and your house won't cool off as much at night.

3.Cool down your house with fans. Position a ceiling fan or an upstairs window fan to draw off the heat collected in upper rooms and push the heat outdoors. Set up your portable fan so that the fan sucks up cooler air from the floor below, and blows hot air upwards towards the ceiling. But also remember not to leave a fan on in an enclosed room when no one is present. The fan's motor generates heat and even the circulating air creates a less significant amount of heat from friction. It just feels cooler when you are present because of natural moisture evaporation from the skin, which only cools your body if you are in the room. Save electricity and turn off all fans in enclosed rooms that are not occupied.

4.Turn off all heat sources. Don't use the stove or oven to eat. Eat cold food, or use the microwave. Incandescent light bulbs also create heat - switch to compact fluorescents or LEDs. Turn off your lamps and your computer when you're not using them. You should also turn off your TV since it gives off a lot of heat, as well as some plug-in power adapters.

5.Leave the house! We are so fortunate around Orange County, that we can leave our homes and head to the many shady parks, pools or, to make it even better, the beach. If you have the opportunity to leave the house, what a better excuse to plan a beach day because of the heat? If you work from home, take a brake and do it from one of the many coffee shops with air conditioning!

And remember: we as a human race lived for many, many years without air conditioning. Within the limits of your particular health situation, your body can acclimate to the summer increase in temperature. Just become accustomed to the fact that you may have to alter your activities and schedule to "beat the heat."

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